Workplace Wellness Tips

5 ways to improve workplace wellness

We’ve all heard the virtues of a good night’s sleep — you spend eight hours a day doing it, so surely it makes sense to ensure you get the best rest available. But there’s something else most of us are doing eight hours as day, five days a week: working. Whether you enjoy heading to… continue reading »

Top Wellness Retreats 2017

9 simple self-care practices

How often do you hear the term “look after yourself?” Many people throw the phrase around like it’s a given that we put ourselves first, but how many of us really practice proper self-care. True self-care is both internal and external and the energy we give this regime is commensurate with what we are able to… continue reading »

Wellness Holidays and Rejuvenating Escapes

Our top wellness picks of 2017

Our founder Sab recently chatted with Jen Curcio at Decisive Cravings about starting Retreat Here and some of her favourite wellness picks for 2017. Sab, tell us about your background and why you started Retreat Here? I created Retreat Here as a passion project inspired by plenty of travelling, a career of more than 15… continue reading »

Silent and Meditation Retreats

Embrace the luxury of silence

Silence is becoming more of a luxury than a lifestyle. Whether you admit it or not, peace and quiet is hard to come by. Can you remember the last time you were free from distraction? Have you managed talking to someone without glancing over your phone? In a fast-paced modern society, technology and media are… continue reading »