Feeling sluggish or low on energy? Lacking concentration or motivation? If only we could dedicate every last week of the month to a yoga retreat to reset and replenish.. In reality, we are lucky if we’re able to retreat once a year, and cultivating a well-balanced lifestyle with healthy habits that are sustainable is therefore more important.

Below are three of our favourite habits to help you stay grounded, fuel your energy levels and boost your immune system.

Yoga and Movement

In a world where we spend the majority of our day seated (at our desk, dinner table, sofa or in the car) movement is PARAMOUNT to staying fit, healthy and happy.

Prolonged sitting causes muscle imbalance and tension, stiff joints and poor posture, ugh. It also decreases your flexibility and affects your range of motion. It’s no wonder that office workers often cope with back pain, headaches, migraines and even slipped disks.

Ideally you should move your spine in all 6 directions on the daily.

We are of course a little biased, but we think yoga is a wonderful way to counteract the health hazards that come with prolonged sitting.

Complement your yoga practice with Pilates, nature walks, jogging or any other form of movement that you LOVE. It’s much easier to stay motivated and move every day if you do something that you truly enjoy.

Digital Detox

Do you recharge your devices more often than you recharge yourself? If so, consciously making an effort to limit the use of your gadgets will improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Research has taught us that our ‘always-on’ society is the cause for a variety of health issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to a full-blown burnout. Being less dependent on your screen-time can be incredibly liberating. You’ll be surprised to learn how much time you have for the things you never get around to.

3 healthy habits to boost immunity

Try to put your phone away at 7pm, limit your Netflix intake and read a paperback (a what now?) instead. Cooking your favourite meal, taking a bath or enjoying meditation just before bed will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Eating nourishing foods

Sometimes it’s easier – and way more fun – to indulge in comfort foods than it is to cook a nourishing meal. We hear you. There’s a reason we organise Yoga and Wine retreats..!

We believe in moderation over deprivation and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a lovely glass of red and your favourite meal.

However, with 70% of our immunity coming from our gut health, it is VERY important to eat clean. There is a direct link between eating nourishing meals and the state of our mental wellbeing. Seasonal and fresh produce, leafy greens and fruit and vegetables will do wonders for your gut.

You can find a bunch of healthy recipes in our Wellness Guide, along with tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep, how to manage stress and much more.

Sab, founder of Retreat Here

- Sab