Corporate retreats are becoming more popular by the year. And with good reason. When done correctly, business getaways can have a huge impact on your staff and company performance.

They are a great way to give your employees the opportunity to step out of their usual environment so they can head back to the office with renewed energy.

We believe the key to a successful company retreat is to create a well-balanced schedule that alternates between movement, relaxation and of course, your company’s objective. Adding an element of wellness to your retreat will no doubt be well-received by your staff, and be useful to everyone long after you return home.

Find out why we think every business should reward their staff with an escape and reap the benefits of a corporate retreat, with a pinch of wellness.


A team retreat will be the ultimate reward for your employees as a thank you for their hard work. Not only will it boost company morale, your staff will feel acknowledged, valued and more motivated to continue getting results in the office. Why not treat your staff to a bit of pampering? Consider incorporating a spa treatment or steam room session in your schedule. We promise it will do wonders for the creative mind.

Corporate Wellness Retreat Planning


Having a little break will give everyone a chance to take a breather and re-energise. It’s a great idea to incorporate yoga, meditation or a mindfulness workshop during your team retreat. Especially when working in a fast-paced environment, it’s important your staff is able to deal with pressure and stress. Learning about mindfulness and meditation will benefit them in the long run, and it could even be continued upon returning to the office. Weekly yoga anyone?


Happy and healthy staff increases productivity and creativity and decreases the number of sick days taken. It also ensures your employees will go the extra mile for your company. Corporate retreats are a great way to introduce workplace wellness programs, yoga classes or mindful business courses. A weekly yoga session will improve posture as well as mental clarity to start the day with renewed focus and energy. Corporate yoga teachers are also able to provide your employees with desk exercises and stretches to keep body and mind happy.

Company Wellness Retreat Planning


Any company getaway is great for brainstorming about future goals and projects. Unfortunately, most business retreats go hand in hand with boozy dinners. More often than not, attendees will wake up slightly hungover. I don’t have to tell you that most of us don’t function very well on those days. You have to ask yourself how creative and inspired your worker-bees feel when trying not to be sick over the projector.. Am I painting a picture for you? A company retreat with a pinch of wellness would be much better for boosting the creative mind. You don’t have to go entirely teetotal, but ensure there is nourishing food and limit the amount of alcohol served.


Especially in bigger companies, harmony between departments and colleagues doesn’t always exist. Taking your staff away from the usual work environment will make them see each other in a totally different light. Hell, they might actually start to like one another. Imagine that?! Everyone gets on, and the company rolls like a well-oiled dream machine. That’s the goal! Having a company retreat with team building activities can help you establish a more functional, peaceful and cooperate workplace.

About the author: Sab is the founder of Retreat Here and Sabijn Linssen Yoga. She creates Yoga and Wine experiences to connect like-minded women in Victoria. She’s also a fully certified Yoga Instructor, offering private and corporate yoga classes in Melbourne.