Have you toyed with the idea to book a yoga retreat, but you’re not sure how it will benefit you? Do your friends keep telling you about their personal retreat experience, and the thought of a ‘welcome circle’ gives you anxiety?

Not all retreats are the same or have the same purpose. There are detox retreats, digital detox retreats, yoga and hiking holidays, adventure retreats, art retreats and even grief retreats. In order to reap the most benefits from your wellness retreat, finding the right one is key.

We believe our yoga retreats fall in the ‘non-traditional retreat’ category. They are down-to-earth and relaxing getaways that offer a perfect balance between healthy and indulgent, and movement and relaxation. All escapes are a treat for your body, mind and taste buds, and every retreat itinerary gives you plenty of free time. Our mission – or ‘purpose’ – is to inspire you to care for your self, every single day, and help you find balance in life.

So, if you are considering to book a yoga retreat but need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should take the plunge. 


In today’s goal-driven society, it sometimes feels there are not enough hours in the day. Going on a retreat allows you to take a time out from your daily life to truly nurture and pamper yourself. 

Amidst the school drop offs, supermarket runs, work projects and household duties, it can be really easy to lose sight of your own wellbeing. A wellness retreat can reignite the motivation to live more mindfully and prioritise you

We give our retreat guests absolute freedom in choosing whether they want to enjoy all activities and yoga classes, without passing judgement if they prefer to sleep in. The beauty of being on retreat – especially when ‘flying solo’ – is that you can do whatever your heart desires.


Yoga retreats can be incredibly restful as you have time and space to simply be. We live in a ‘doing’ society with a huge focus on achieving goals. Yet, slowing down is so much better for your health and wellbeing. 

Moreover, retreats allow you to take a break from your devices in order to reap the benefits of a digital detox. The daily yoga classes will help you to reconnect with your body and your breath. At the same time, any meditation practices – such as Yoga Nidra – are a true gift for your mind. Yoga Nidra helps to reset your nervous system by shifting it from the ‘fight and flight’ mode to the ‘relax and digest’ mode.

You will return home feeling refreshed and recharged, and with more motivation to continue a daily yoga and meditation practice.


Healthy eating, daily movement and breathing deeply are key elements when it comes to keeping physically and mentally fit. And by ‘ physically fit’ we are not referring to ripped abs and peachy behinds. It’s all about feeling good. 

We don’t believe in counting calories or depriving ourselves of certain foods or drinks. Instead, it all comes down to moderation and well-balanced meals that are wholesome and delicious with a pinch of indulgence. Our private chefs take pride in carefully curating a retreat menu to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs. 

one of our retreat chefs
Aliza, one of our retreat chefs

We like to eat ‘the Mediterranean way’ and give you the option to have a glass of wine with your dinners. And if you’re a coffee lover, don’t worry – we are too. We serve both coffee and tea at our retreats.

Furthermore, our yoga classes are a combination of flow yoga (Vinyasa) and yin yoga (restorative) to give you the best of both worlds. The Vinyasa classes will help with strength and mobility, and are a boost for your energy and immune system. Our Yin classes are deeply restorative and help to release muscular and mental tension.

We hugely emphasize the importance of breathing correctly and provide tips on how to improve your breath (and therefore your health) during the yoga and meditation classes.


Whether you go overseas or book a wellness holiday closer to home, another great reason to book a yoga retreat is that travelling helps to shift your perspective.

Of course, joining a Bali yoga retreat will be quite a different experience than going on a retreat in the Yarra Valley. However, the big picture remains the same: you leave home to travel to another place, and you meet new people with different backgrounds, ideas and experiences.

Bali yoga retreat
Pool Villas at our Bali Yoga Retreat

Meeting a bunch of strangers and being away from your usual environment ensures you step out of your comfort zone. Exploring new places and encountering new people, learning about their ideas and cultures, is great for personal growth. It makes you more flexible and teaches you how to ‘go with the flow’ – especially when things don’t go as planned.

A study by the Washington Post found that people who travel are generally happier, and more open-minded and creative. Travelling allows you to reflect on your life. It teaches you to live in the moment whist creating meaningful memories at the same time.


One of the main reasons we launched our Yoga Retreats was to encourage genuine real-life connections between women. And by women we mean anybody identifying as a womxn. 

Ever since the smartphone took over, there has been a shift in the way we connect. Whereas Facetime, Zoom, Whatsapp and Skype can be very handy to stay in touch with loved ones, nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Sharing food and stories whilst sipping on a wine and feasting on delicious food is what makes the world go round! 

5 reasons to retreat
A yoga retreats allows you to meet new people

Furthermore, we have been hosting retreats for more than 5 years and have witnessed many of our retreat guests becoming friends – with each other and with us. Uplifting our guests and providing a comfortable and safe space where they feel at home is vital to have a great retreat experience. 

We don’t facilitate ‘opening circles’ where guests introduce themselves to the group. Instead, we’ll have a glass of bubbles or kombucha ready for everyone’s arrival, so fellow retreat guests can get to know one another organically.


Retreats give you a chance to let go of any responsibilities at home. There are no to-do lists and no ‘must-do’s’ or ‘have to’s’. You will feel nourished, pampered, nurtured and revived. And if we haven’t convinced you enough, here are a few more health benefits of yoga retreats:

  • deepen your yoga practice
  • spend time in nature
  • enjoy a digital detox
  • create a solid foundation for a beginners practice
  • improve healthy habits
  • be inspired to eat healthier
  • learn how to breathe better
  • spend time with and ask questions to your yoga teacher
  • share a unique and joyful experience with others
  • make amazing memories
  • belly laughs (we laugh a lot at our retreats..)
  • reduce stress


Do your research. With a plethora of retreats on offer, there is bound to be ‘the perfect retreat for you’. After all, you’ll most likely invest quite a bit of money into your getaway. Therefore, it’s important you also invest time in researching which retreat will be right for you.

Make sure you find a yoga retreat that meets your expectations:

  • Do you want a relaxing getaway and combine daily yoga and healthy meals with poolside cocktails, or do you want a regimented retreat experience with 4 daily classes and abstain from alcohol and sugar? 
  • Are you happy to book a mixed yoga retreat or do you prefer a women’s only getaway? 
  • Do you prefer a solo getaway at a wellness hotel instead of being part of a retreat group?
  • If you’re keen to dive deeper into yoga philosophy, maybe consider a yoga teacher training instead. 
  • How full do you want the schedule to be? Do you cherish free time, or do you want a jam-packed itinerary? 
  • How much are you willing to invest? Keep in mind that very expensive wellness retreats are not always necessarily better. Equally, a very cheap retreat might not offer the type of accommodation and inclusions you’re looking for.
  • Do you know how experienced your retreat host and yoga teacher are?

We highly recommend you carefully consider the above points before you book a yoga retreat. 

yoga retreat host
It’s important you connect with your retreat host


Still unsure? Please know that our founder Sab is very happy to have an informal chat with you to answer your questions. We know how important and tricky the decision can be.

If you feel your body needs a full reset and could benefit from a detox retreat, we recommend booking a specific detox package at a wellness hotel. Likewise, if you want a certain healing experience (be it grief counselling, or other traumas) it’s best you search for a specialty retreat. 

Alternatively, if a relaxing and down-to-earth getaway with great food and wine is what you’re after, we definitely have you covered.

There are lots of great reasons to book a yoga retreat. In the end, it’s important to find the retreat experience that matches your budget and wishes. 

About the author: Sab is the founder of Retreat Here and Sabijn Linssen Yoga. She plans and facilitates our Yoga Retreats and helps to connect likeminded women in real life. As a fully certified Yoga & Pilates Teacher she also offers private and corporate classes in Melbourne.

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