We’ve all heard the virtues of a good night’s sleep — you spend eight hours a day doing it, so surely it makes sense to ensure you get the best rest available. But there’s something else most of us are doing eight hours as day, five days a week: working. Whether you enjoy heading to work or not, we want to share some tips for improving your well-being, reducing stress, and improving your workplace wellness.

And while every workplace is different, we’re confident that at least one of the strategies below can help you feel re-energised, stronger, and better equipped for fun come the weekend!

Workplace yoga

If walking isn’t your idea of a good time, there are other ways to get moving in the workplace. If you can get your boss on board, it might be worth asking if you can hire a yoga instructor to come to the office for a weekly morning flow. Physical activity not only counterbalances some of the sitting, but it can help you feel calmer and grounded throughout the day. If you don’t think you can sway management, there are plenty of little stretches that you can do while sitting at your desk, like rolling your ankles or even just stretching your arms above your head. Every little bit helps!

If you’re feeling self-conscious about stretching, why not try some deep breathing exercises? They’re a great way to calm down when you’re stressed, and taking some time out to yourself, even just thirty seconds, will help calm your body and your mind, to make you feel revitalised and give you a little more energy to get you through your day.

Whether you want to reduce stress, or just boost your well-being, there is always something in your office that you can change to improve workplace wellness.

Avoid unnecessary sitting

We all know that sitting is the new big bad, but what can you do if you have a desk job? The answer is simple: don’t sit if you don’t have to. Stand up and move around, make yourself a cuppa (or better yet, fill up your water bottle to stay hydrated). It’s a great excuse to move around, see what’s happening in your workplace, and kick-start your brain so that you can work smarter!
If you have the flexibility, see if you can incorporate a standing desk into your workplace, especially one you can convert easily based on your needs. Swapping between sitting and standing might be the change in perspective you need to keep your thinking fresh and your body moving.

improve Workplace Wellness

Take the stairs

Standing is better than sitting, but moving around is better than both. If you’re working on a floor with double digits, the temptation to take the elevator is obvious. But if you want a truly uplifting experience, try taking the stairs instead! You’ll give yourself a mini-cardiovascular workout, keeping your brain and your body active. It’s also a great way to mix up your daily routine.

Rethink your lunch strategy

Is your lunch anything you can manage to make with just a kettle and a microwave? Do you find yourself heading to the shop on the corner for something quick and easy, or even get caught in long lunches with workmates? Whatever your lunch habits, there’s always room for improvement. Try bringing your lunch from home, or if you’re heading somewhere close to work to buy something, do your research and try to find a healthy cafe. Chips might taste great now, but in an hour you’ll be sluggish at work and will feel peckish again. Trying to find a low-GI lunch solution will leave you with more energy, mental and physical, reduce stress levels and improve your well-being and overall health.

Meals on heels

Speaking of lunch, where are you eating? Whether you’re bringing your lunch from home, or dashing out to your favourite place, you don’t have to dine al desko! Use your lunch break as an opportunity to get away from your desk (or the lunch room), and take a break from the stresses of the workplace. You’d be amazed at what five minutes of tranquility can do for you, and getting more in tune with the world outside of your workplace is a great way to relax and rebalance.

About the author: Sab is the founder of Retreat Here and Sabijn Linssen Yoga. She creates Yoga and Wine Retreats in Victoria and Bali, and offers private and corporate yoga classes in Melbourne.

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