We wholeheartedly believe that you should retreat exactly the way you want. Going on a ‘retreat’ is essentially a temporary getaway from the stresses of daily life. And the good news is, there’s more than one way to reset your batteries. What matters most is that you have taken the time-out you deserved. We’ve listed 6 of our favourite ways to nourish mind, body and soul, and yes, some of those include wine!

Retreat to a private island

A private island retreat is a different sort of wellness holiday that lets you completely unwind and relax without sticking to a set schedule. Popular with couples, newlyweds and even for group retreats, a castaway experience allows you to slow down and disconnect from life back home.

Aerial Photo Song Saa Private Island

Lazy days by the pool alternated with exciting water activities, healthy picnics on the beach coupled with gourmet dinners and wine tasting, sunrise yoga followed by a spa treatment. The beauty of an island holiday is that it’ll remind you of the most important thing of all: How to just be.

Embark on a Digital Detox

We recharge our digital devices on a daily basis, but how often do we recharge ourselves? Sometimes the only way to reconnect with yourself or your loved ones is to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy a shock to the social media system. Why not unplug and and have an off-the-grid experience to truly connect with yourself and the offline world.

tech-free holiday

Travelling is all about creating memories, experiencing new cultures and being amazed by beautiful landscapes. It is easier and more fulfilling to be truly present in every moment when you don’t share everything on social media, or get distracted by work projects. Enjoying the picture perfect view from that clifftop hotel rather than posting the ‘perfect picture’ on Instagram is so much more rewarding. After a few days, or maybe even a few hours, you’ll realise that a digital detox break wasn’t such an impossible task at all.


Go solo on a personalised health retreat

Individual health programs are created with specific wellbeing goals in mind: improve your fitness, learn how to manage stresstackle insomnia, learn more about the philosophy of yoga, meditate, have a digital detox or simply rejuvenate and relax in beautiful surroundings.. Solo trips are perfect when you’re after some much needed me-time. They offer a refreshing escape that gives you the freedom and flexibility to shape your ideal holiday.

Enjoy a customised wellness journey

We like to call our custom holidays Slow Journeys: a perfectly balanced holiday that will provide you with an element of wellness, culture and one-of-a-kind experiences that are entirely designed according to your wishes. Practice yoga at local temples, hike to serene waterfalls, connect with monks on their daily alms rounds, take a river cruise to remote areas, enjoy a cooking class and treat yourself to refreshing sundowners after. These Explore and Restore escapes are ideal for first-time wellness travellers and anyone looking for a unique adventure.

Lounge pool at Navutu Dreams Resort

Hideaway in nature

Whether you choose a mountain retreat, a treetop house or a wilderness resort, surrounding yourself with nature and breathing in fresh air will do wonders for your soul. Relaxation isn’t always about participating in a health retreat or being spoilt with spa treatments.

Ocean front tents Amanwana Island Resort

For some, pure luxury is measured by the seclusion and privacy of the hotel grounds, the remoteness of the area and how peaceful the location is. It’s derived from the one-of-a-kind places that let you form a deeper connection with the locals and give you personalised service in a private and relaxed environment.

Join a group retreat

There are thousands of independent group retreats on offer all over the world, and choosing the right one can be a massive undertaking. It is impossible to know the ins and outs of these retreats and as such, we are in the process to create our own digital detox and eco-luxe group retreats. Group retreats are ideal to connect with like-minded people, meet new friends, socialise and share a unique and immersive experience.