Guest post by Holistically Living.

Unless you’ve booked a wellness trip with a specific health goal in mind, it is completely natural to let your routine slack off a little when you’re on a relaxation vacation… it is a holiday after-all! But there is nothing worse than that feeling of coming back home and needing a “holiday from your holiday” because you are exhausted and run down!

We can totally relate that part of the fun is indulging in the local treats, meeting new people and trying to see most of the beautiful sights! What if we told you that you can do all this, but still maintain your health while you are away with a few simple tips:

  • Pack a toothbrush and face wash on long flights – it makes such a difference if you can freshen up before you arrive at your destination after spending hours in the air.
  • Carry a water bottle everywhere you go – dehydration can leave us feeling unwell and without energy. If you enjoy a few extra alcoholic beverages while away make sure you are having a glass of water in between drinks (especially in warmer climates and in the air!).
  • Carry essential oils – these can be used for a variety of things and are easy to take with you: use lemon oil in your morning water, peppermint oil on your temples for a headache and energy boost, lavender oil to help you sleep or a purifying blend to cleanse new rooms and spaces.
  • Eat well but smart – don’t skip a meal (especially breakfast) and eat those ‘treat’ meals in moderation.
  • Move your body – there are so many ways to get daily exercise while on holiday: use the hotel gym, do laps in the pool, walk instead of taking transport, choose the more active sight-seeing option.
  • Stretch and breathe – start each day with a gentle stretch (or yoga) and breathing exercise to calm your mind and be more present. Starting your day mindfully will help you maintain this frame of mind throughout your day.

Our Holistically Living Lifestyle Program gives our members monthly tools they need to create a lifestyle of health and balance, even while they are away from home. We educate others to live a lifestyle based around our Pillars of a Holistic Life: Move Often, Nourished Lifestyle, Conscious Living, Love More and Nurture Self.

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