How often do you hear the term “look after yourself?”

Many people throw the phrase around like it’s a given that we put ourselves first, but how many of us really practice proper self-care. True self-care is both internal and external and the energy we give this regime is commensurate with what we are able to add to our own lives and those around us. As the saying goes, “You gotta nourish to flourish.” Let’s work through a few ways you can self-care, and take some time to invest in your body, mind and spirit.


Are you eating the right foods for you?

We all know what foods agree with us, and those that don’t, so check in with yourself and see that everything is working the way it should. Are you tired in the morning? Do you need more water? Is your skin dry? Our body sends us messages and communicates physiological signals that we shouldn’t ignore. Trust your body to inform you of what you need to know, tune in and listen closely, the answers are there.

Are you moving your body properly?

If you’re an active person, you still might need to heed this advice. Sometimes the body is tired, and yet we push it. Sometimes our body has become used to the level of exercise we are doing and is complacent? Find an exercise that suits your body and that you genuinely enjoy. Some people swear by group classes, others rather run alone. When you’ve found your ideal routine, it’s easier to stick to it and soon find out you don’t want to go without.

9 simple self care practices

Are you moving at all?

With many of us having a desk job, it’s easy to be lulled into a safe place of sedentary. Be realistic with yourself and look at how much you’re actually moving throughout the day. While we’re not suggesting you start running marathons immediately, a gentle stretch or a walk around the neighbourhood will get your blood flowing and improve your energy levels. Before you know it you will be enjoying increased fitness, mental clarity, and a happy body that’s doing what’s it supposed to be doing: moving.


Close your eyes and just be

Do you have a meditation practice? Meditation has been proven to increase your brainpower and your alpha waves, which reduce sadness and negativity, so why aren’t we all doing this practice daily? The wonderful thing about meditation is that you always have the tool you can practice with handy: yourself. There are many wonderful guided meditations available for those who aren’t too familiar with the practice. Alternatively, learn more by reading this article: easy tips for meditation’.

Read a little or a lot

Is there a book you can lose yourself in? Do it. Taking the time to still your own narrative for a while and embrace another’s is the perfect way to tune out and be mentally somewhere else. We can scroll through social media, or look at news headlines repeatedly until we become overwhelmed by the ‘noise’. Brew yourself a cuppa, draw a bath or take your book outside for some extra Vitamin D. Reading material that isn’t on Facebook or in your many emails is refreshing, and you’ll feel good about having taken some time for you.

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Digital Detox

Ping! Notifications on your gadgets can be a huge distraction in your daily life. Emails, messages, likes, being tagged in stories, comments and re-tweets often just keep on coming. How can you possibly listen to your inner voice when there are so many other voices asking for your attention? Unless you absolutely have to, we highly recommend turning push notifications OFF for emails and social media accounts. Whatever it is, it can wait. Listen to your own emotional notifications, still your mind and accept what it has to say.


Say no a little more

There are many people who have difficulty saying ‘no’ and end up with things on their ‘to-do’ list that aren’t their responsibility. So why don’t they say ‘no’ more? Often it’s because they have been conditioned to say yes because it’s the right thing to do, but is it the right thing for you? Just because you said no, doesn’t mean you don’t have a kind heart, you just know what’s right for you. Only say yes to the things you truly enjoy and that enrich your personal or professional life. You’ll end up with more blank calendar spots that you can fill with some well-earned ‘me-time’.

Stay away from negativity

Sometimes life can get a bit much. It is okay to stop absorbing the gossip and worries of other people’s lives. Judging friends, family or colleagues or getting involved in their dramas can increase stress levels and anxiety. Try to surround yourself by positivity and turn your attention inwards and to the people who enrich your life.

Keep a journal

Writing down what you’re feeling is a great way to clarify and accept what you’re experiencing. Sometimes life is so full, it can be hard to take stock of what is happening. Writing down our worries and hopes, our dreams and achievements is a powerful tool to relieve the stresses of daily life.

About the author: Sab is the founder of Retreat Here and Sabijn Linssen Yoga. She creates Yoga and Wine experiences to connect like-minded women in Victoria. She’s also a fully certified Yoga Instructor, offering private and corporate yoga classes in Melbourne.