Chiang Rai healthy Travel Guide

Things to do in Chiang Rai

Guest post and pictures by Jen Curcio, founder of Decisive Cravings Chiang Rai is Chiang Mai’s quieter cousin, and if you are looking for a break from Bangkok, Chiang Rai is the perfect green paradise. Chiang Rai offers cooler weather (both day and night), more of a small town feeling, plenty of temples and above… continue reading »

Silent and Meditation Retreats

Embrace the luxury of silence

Silence is becoming more of a luxury than a lifestyle. Whether you admit it or not, peace and quiet is hard to come by. Can you remember the last time you were free from distraction? Have you managed talking to someone without glancing over your phone? In a fast-paced modern society, technology and media are… continue reading »

Exterior The Barai Spa and Residences Hua Hin

Review of THE BARAI

When I packed my bags for my trip to Thailand, nothing could have prepared me for the exclusivity, pure luxury and top-notch service that awaited me at THE BARAI. Tucked away between the adjacent Hyatt Regency hotel and Hua Hin’s main road, THE BARAI sits on 4.5 acres of blissful beach and greenery. It’s hard… continue reading »

customised escape

Mindful journeys take off

I am not sure if the exhilaration of flying can be expressed wholly with words. Cruising at 900km per hour and more than 10km above the earth’s surface is a fascinating thing on its own. Watching the clouds go by below, or admiring the stars in the night sky, makes it even more extraordinary. As ironic as… continue reading »