Yoga and Wine Retreat in Victoria - Glamping

Why Yoga and Wine Retreats are the perfect pairing

Before you have visions of yourself lying in Savanasa with an empty bottle in your hand, let me stop you right there. I’d like to start by saying we won’t be handing out Straws ‘n Shiraz during our yoga and wine retreats. There will be no drinking vino and tree-posing at the same time. Neither will we… continue reading »

Eco-Luxury Yoga Retreat Bali with Retreat Here

The only constant in life is change..

We’ve recently made some exciting changes to Retreat Here, which were sent out in our monthly newsletter. Because they were so recent, new visitors to our site or social pages might be confused by old (blog) posts or testimonials. So if you’re new to Retreat Here, this is for you: Ever since Retreat Here was founded,… continue reading »

Things to do in Ubud, Bali

Things to do in Ubud

Guest post by Jen Curcio, founder of Decisive Cravings. Preferring the island’s famed beaches, Ubud is often missed by travellers visiting Bali. The lush greenery of its rainforests and rice paddies combined with its famed temples, arts&crafts, and its’ wellness centres, offers visitors a different type of island getaway. Although it is no stranger to tourists, Ubud… continue reading »