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ten tips to manage stress better

10 Tips To Manage Stress

Do you have a hard time switching off? Do you often feel anxious or overwhelmed, sometimes without even knowing why? Living in today’s fast-paced society, the chances of you needing some tips to manage stress are pretty high. Even as a yoga teacher, having all the ‘tools’ and knowing all the ‘tricks’, I struggle to… continue reading »

what is yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

WHAT IS YOGA NIDRA? Yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation, also known as ‘yogic sleep’, which helps to create a deep sense of relaxation for your body and mind. There are plenty of benefits when practicing yoga nidra, and we believe it’s the perfect style of yoga when you are tired and don’t… continue reading »

Corporate Wellness Retreat Planning

5 reasons to have a corporate retreat

Corporate retreats are becoming more popular by the year. And with good reason. When done correctly, business getaways can have a huge impact on your staff and company performance. They are a great way to give your employees the opportunity to step out of their usual environment so they can head back to the office… continue reading »

Be Mindful

What you should do to improve your wellbeing

We believe taking a break is important to reboot your brain. Whether that’s a yoga class after work, a ten minute meditation or an exotic retreat overseas. Whereas a tropical escape is perfect to replenish your soul, taking care of your wellbeing at home is just as important. Resting when you need to and finding… continue reading »

Workplace Wellness Tips

5 ways to improve workplace wellness

FIVE WAYS TO IMPROVE WORKPLACE WELLNESS We’ve all heard the virtues of a good night’s sleep — you spend eight hours a day doing it, so surely it makes sense to ensure you get the best rest available. But there’s something else most of us are doing eight hours as day, five days a week:… continue reading »

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