Do you reach for your phone the minute your alarm goes off – on your phone..? Do you instantly start scrolling, and check your emails and messages? I used to do that too. It’s safe to say I was exhausted before I even got out of bed. These days, I have a morning ritual that gives me energy, keeps me grounded and truly sets me up for the day.

So what else do I do to create more energy, besides not setting an alarm on my phone?


I drink 2 huge glasses of water as soon as I get up (preferably with fresh lemon juice) before I have a tea or coffee. I also maintain drinking plenty of water during the day.


Without fail, I meditate every morning. I don’t necessarily sit still. Actually, I almost never do. I either go through a slow yoga flow or do some gentle stretches to wake up the neck and spine, always moving with the breath. Meditating is very personal, and I recommend you choose a routine that works for you. If it’s sitting still, listening to soothing music, do that. If you prefer a mindful walk, go for it. You are more likely to stick with your ritual if you do something you actually love.


Following on from point 2, without exercise, I most definitely feel lethargic. Whether I start with a walk in the morning, go to Pilates or practice yoga at home, if I don’t move my body I simply don’t feel good. Exercise gets our endorphins going – the ‘happy’ hormone. It also gets our blood flowing, and in turn gives our energy levels and mood a boost.

Morning ritual for more energy and clarity


If you’ve been to our Retreat Here events, you know that I love to enjoy the finer things in life. Hello wine tastings and grazing platters – although never in the morning, and always in moderation!

However, I also strongly believe that your gut-health directly correlates to your mood and mind. I mostly eat vegetarian, fresh, unprocessed products, lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. As with anything in life, it’s all about finding the right balance that works for you.

Fruit and chia pudding or eggs and avocado are great choices for a nourishing breakfast.


This one is probably the hardest, but I’ve noticed a huge increase in energy when I limit my social media access and phone usage in the morning. Staring at digital devices literally drains the energy out of you, and starting your day scrolling your morning away simply it isn’t healthy. If you are dealing with anxiety and a foggy brain first thing in the morning, you will benefit from limiting your information input. If you want to learn more about dealing with information overload, here are some tips on how to cope with feeling overwhelmed.

Article by Sabijn Linssen – founder of Retreat Here (who – in her own words – clearly is more skilled at teaching yoga than writing blogs, but wanted to share this information with you :))

Sab, founder of Retreat Here

- Sab