Silence is becoming more of a luxury than a lifestyle. Whether you admit it or not, peace and quiet is hard to come by. Can you remember the last time you were free from distraction? Have you managed talking to someone without glancing over your phone? In a fast-paced modern society, technology and media are addictive. They dominate our life more than we realise. From kids to adults, everyone is hooked on virtual reality and digital entertainment. We can never seem to let go of our precious gadgets. Wherever we go we have our mobile phones with us, even in the bathroom!

Our technical devices create noise that are not always beneficial. Medical studies show that exposure to technology and digital noise affect focus and sleep, increase stress hormones, anxiety and depression. Our physical and mental health as well as our personal relationships are at stake when we allow technology to take charge. Both misuse and abuse of technology make us more susceptible to stress and various illnesses. No wonder many of us are constantly distracted, exhausted and restless.

Breakaway from Noise, Experience Silent Treatment

The new trend is to seek peace and quiet. It is an active pursuit, not a passive journey. Silence requires to be found. To release stress and replenish your soul, you must start within. Meditation, Yoga Retreats and Digital Detox holidays are a great way to embrace this new movement.

There is no shame in admitting that you need a break. Our bodies are designed not just for work, but for rest. We are only able to function well with a healthy mind, body and soul. If you are after a holistic and elevated retreat, consider the possibility of going on an adventure in a secluded place or better yet, indulge in new experiences.

Wellness holiday and stress management retreats are great options to immerse yourself in silence and solace. Remember, the main goal for these types of retreats is to reconnect with your inner being – to refresh your soul. Everything else is secondary. Once you are able to actively pursue peace you will see the value of your very own well-being. Finding a steady balance internally allows you to confidently manoeuvre your life.

After an invigorating wellness retreat, you are sure to go back to the hustle and bustle of the ‘real world’. So what’s next? As I’ve said before, silence is an active pursuit. Practice consistency. Prioritise your well-being more than anyone or anything else. Because we are only able to give strength, love, and attention to others if we are take care of ourselves first.

Lifestyle of Silence

On the other hand, you need not go far to pursue peace and quiet. There are simple steps that you can do today. As a form of digital detox, start with reorienting your digital consumption. Ask yourself, how much time is necessary for communication with family, friends and colleagues? During your next meal, switch off your smartphone. Smell and savour the food. Enjoy the conversation with those around you.

Practice at least 10 minutes of silence each day all to yourself. Instead of spending unlimited time on social media or binge watching TV, step out of the house and breathe in the fresh air. If you are consumed with business or work, find time to pause. As you go along, you can extend these moments. The 2017 Global Wellness Summit Report cited a Duke University study on the benefits of silence. Results showed that two hours of silence each day can aid cell development in the hippocampus. This helps in stimulating brain growth, improving memory. It is also seen to assist in preventing dementia.

You may also benefit from taking a step back to evaluate your activities and responsibilities. What are the ones that positively impact your health and wellness? Which habits should you give up? Once you’ve narrowed down the list, you are one step ahead of the game. Commit to it!

Surprise yourself at how small steps can make big changes. Embrace silence as a lifestyle. Unplug from the virtual world and reconnect with authentic reality. As the cliché goes, live in the moment.

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