I am not sure if the exhilaration of flying can be expressed wholly with words. Cruising at 900km per hour and more than 10km above the earth’s surface is a fascinating thing on its own. Watching the clouds go by below, or admiring the stars in the night sky, makes it even more extraordinary. As ironic as it may sound, being confined to a metal bird, flying gives me a feeling of some temporary freedom.

I never had to travel much for my previous jobs, so when I did, there were no ‘modern-day worries’.
No to-do lists or phone reception, no work projects or emails to answer but plenty of rest and a much-needed break from social media.

In today’s hectic and digitally driven society, how often do we have or make time to do absolutely nothing at all?

We seem to be always busy and rushing somewhere, connected to our digital devices, yet increasingly disconnected from the real world. The beauty of travelling on a plane is that you cannot rush anywhere. While the aircraft is jetting across the world at high-speed, the travellers have a chance to slow down.


Whereas my husband always watches the entire collection of the in-flight entertainment system (and falls asleep, without fail), I tend to sit back, relax and listen to music.

I let the sound take me back to significant moments in my life and to memories stored long ago in the back of my mind: That concert I witnessed with my best friend; those lyrics that make me reminisce about an amazing holiday or a melody that reminds me of my family back home.

Enjoy music
Unplug and unwind

I do not connect to the aircraft’s Internet but embrace the fact that I can sink in my seat to unwind, reflect and do absolutely nothing.

Having grown up with cassette tapes and VHS, I believe it is relatively easy for me to ‘unplug’ although being a business owner has definitely changed that luxury. I can only imagine the digital madness that kids grow up with these days. With everyone’s music collection stored on iPods and smart phones, a million apps to choose from and continuous pings, tweets and other social media updates, more and more people are struggling with the stressors of modern life.

Digital detox

Especially when travelling, I try to have less screen time to experience the actual journey and what’s going on around me.

During one of my latest holidays, a trip to Thailand, I left my phone at home, never connected to Wi-Fi and only used my iPod for listening to music. I vastly preferred the picture-perfect view from that awesome restaurant up in the mountains to the ‘perfect picture’ on Instagram.

I started to take more notice of when other travellers around me were on their phones (often!) and picked out couples that were too busy chatting online instead of talking to each other.

For me, travelling is all about adventure and experiencing new cultures, discovering secret places off the beaten track and not-so-secret places equally beautiful. It’s learning about another language, taking in new smells and tasting delicious food you’ve never had before.

Anjuna Market Goa, India
Anjuna Market Goa, India

I love finding breathtaking views and I live for that moment when you fly around that risky corner in the road, to be met by this magnificent view of a gorgeous mountain, sea below, and lush jungle everywhere. I get a lump in my throat, smile, and remember how privileged I am for being able to travel and explore these gorgeous locations.

Digital devices are long forgotten and I’m just happy in that moment.

It feels very refreshing to be less dependent on the digital world. There is a reason why ‘unplugged’ retreats are continuously popping up around the globe and certain hotels offer ‘tranquillity rooms’. Why the popularity of yoga and meditation has reached unsurpassed levels and nowadays you can buy mindful colouring books for adults.

Importance of taking a time-out

Keeping up with the pace of today’s society can be exhausting and we need to make an effort to take care of ourselves.

I strongly believe that taking a time-out from your daily schedule and treating yourself to a well-deserved break is vital for a happy mind. This can be a free moment in your day during which you give yourself a breather, a sport session after work or an actual holiday. Just make sure you look after yourselves and do something good for you!

With that concept in mind, the idea for Retreat Here was born. My way of helping others find their perfect getaway to retreat and refresh, and inspire people to explore beautiful destinations around the world.

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