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best wellness experience in tuscany

The Best Wellness Experiences in Tuscany

Ever dreamt of exploring Tuscany? We certainly do! Imagine finding yourself amidst Tuscany’s rolling hills, in a tranquil spot where the essence of the region’s wellness scene perfectly blends with the charm of Italian countryside living. Envisage a gentle breeze rustling through the olive groves, the fragrance of wildflowers perfuming the air, and the soft… continue reading »

best women retreats worldwide

Discover The Best Women-Only Wellness Retreats In The World

As more women have become empowered by solo travel in recent years, it’s no surprise that women-only retreats have started to gain popularity around the world. Female-only retreats are more than just a place to holiday. Instead, they offer a secure, relaxing, and comfortable environment tailored to independent women who love travelling solo. With thoughtfully… continue reading »

melbourne wine and wellness experiences

Melbourne Wine And Wellness: Five Unique Self-Care Experiences

If there are three things we love, it’s Melbourne, Wine & Wellness. So, we thought it was only fair if we’d help you discover the Melbourne Wine and Wellness movement – a fusion of sensory indulgence and mindful relaxation. It’s not just about sipping a glass of fine wine. It’s about the experience that comes… continue reading »

yoga retreats reduce stress

7 Top Reasons To Book A Women’s Group Yoga Retreat Or Holiday

Are you thinking about a women’s group yoga retreat but are unsure if it’s right for you? Or maybe you’re longing for a break that offers relaxation and personal growth. Women’s yoga retreats offer more than a simple holiday. These group getaways aren’t just restful escapes. They’re game-changers. Imagine blending a relaxing stay in a… continue reading »

reasons to retreat


Have you toyed with the idea to book a yoga retreat, but you’re not sure how it will benefit you? Do your friends keep telling you about their personal retreat experience, and the thought of a ‘welcome circle’ gives you anxiety? Not all retreats are the same or have the same purpose. There are detox… continue reading »

what we eat at our yoga retreats

What we eat at our Yoga Retreats in Victoria

WHAT WE EAT AT OUR VICTORIA RETREATS You may have asked yourself the question: What do we eat when on retreat? The short answer is: a well-balanced diet that is delicious, healthy and a little indulgent. If you have previously been a guest at our wellness retreats in Victoria, you know that our breakfast and… continue reading »

why book yoga retreat victoria

Why book a yoga retreat in Victoria

Victoria might be the mainland’s smallest state, but size doesn’t matter when you retreat here! Locals and travellers are spoilt for choice with some of the most exciting and interesting things to see and do. Whether you’re a new or seasoned practitioner, a Yoga Retreat in Victoria offers you a land of opportunity to explore whatever it… continue reading »

Yoga Retreats Victoria

Retreat Here: Year in Review 2022

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 .. And what a year it has been! Following the aftermath of the previous two years, we couldn’t be more grateful for the full retreat calendar of 2022. We have loved seeing our community continue to grow these past 12 months, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. But… continue reading »

what to expect yoga retreats victoria

What to expect at our Yoga Retreats in Victoria

So, you’ve been wanting to book yourself into a yoga retreat in Victoria for a while now, but you’re not sure how to find the right one? We totally get it. With demand at an all-time high, the choices for yoga and wellness escapes are endless. And when it comes down to it, only YOU… continue reading »

Yoga and Wine retreat for hens party Melbourne

Three unique digital detox retreats in Australia

At Retreat Here, we believe technology should serve us, not enslave us. Our fancy gadgets, designed to make our lives easier, have become the cause of rising stress levels and anxiety. It is no surprise that taking a ‘ditox’ has become increasingly popular. If the sheer thought of taking a break from your devices gives… continue reading »

Corporate Wellness Retreat Planning

5 reasons to have a corporate retreat

Corporate retreats are becoming more popular by the year. And with good reason. When done correctly, business getaways can have a huge impact on your staff and company performance. They are a great way to give your employees the opportunity to step out of their usual environment so they can head back to the office… continue reading »

Yoga and Wine Retreats

Why yoga and Wine Retreats in Melbourne are the perfect pairing

Before you have visions of yourself lying in Savanasa with an empty bottle in your hand, let me stop you right there. I’d like to start by saying we won’t be handing out Straws ‘n Shiraz during our yoga and wine retreats in Melbourne. There will be no drinking vino and tree-posing at the same time. Neither… continue reading »

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