Our Founder Sab had the pleasure of staying at COMO Shambhala Estate (CSE), a beautiful oasis of green in the centre of Bali. Away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy town of Ubud, it was the perfect getaway to reflect and ‘get away from it all’.

List five words to describe the resort’s vibe:

And food, can I have a 6th?

Why do you love COMO Shambhala Estate?

You’re completely surrounded by the Balinese jungle, which makes it incredibly peaceful. You can have breakfast with a spectacular view and hear the birds singing their morning song. And even though you’re on a very busy island in Indonesia, you feel the calm and quiet of the property and its lush green grounds. The accommodation is stunning and very unique. Each ‘residence’ has a different theme and feel to it. There’s a whole lot of daily activities to keep you healthy and happy, from yoga and meditation to hydrotherapy classes, hikes to the Kedara water garden and an outdoor jungle gym where PT sessions take place. Plus, any wellness program you choose to do can be entirely customised to your personal needs. Oh, and let’s not forget the raw food menu in the GLOW restaurant. Absolutely delicious. The raw pizza was to die for.

Vitality Pool at COMO Shambhala Estate Health Resort Bali
Vitality Pool at Como Shambhala Estate, Health Resort, Bali

What is your favourite room type?

To be honest, all residences and rooms are gorgeous and come with the creature comforts you can expect from a Virtuoso hotel.

The Garden Room in the Wanakasa Residence was my favourite though. It almost resembles a treehouse and as soon as you wake up and open the curtains, you see beautiful greenery all around you. It’s the perfect way to set the day.

What’s your preferred wellness program?

The stress management program is my personal favourite. I think with the hectic and frantic lifestyle most of us live these days, it’s important to take a step back on a regular basis and really enjoy to just be. During your stay you will learn how to handle stress on a day-to-day basis, and you’ll be taught easy techniques and tricks to manage your stress in the outside world. It teaches us how to slow down and live life to the fullest.

Treatment Room COMO Shambhala Estate Ubud
Treatment Room COMO Shambhala Estate Ubud

Which daily activity resonated most with you?

The Pranayama class definitely hit home for me. I thought I knew most forms of breathing meditation but I learned a few new ones there. I practice it most mornings before I start my day and it helps me to energise, increase my focus and create a sense of stillness that I wouldn’t have without.

And finally, what extras do clients get when they book COMO Shambhala Estate?

Often an upgrade on arrival, depending on the availability at the resort, as well as the equivalent of US $100 resort credit that can be used during their stay.