When I packed my bags for my trip to Thailand, nothing could have prepared me for the exclusivity, pure luxury and top-notch service that awaited me at THE BARAI.

Tucked away between the adjacent Hyatt Regency hotel and Hua Hin’s main road, THE BARAI sits on 4.5 acres of blissful beach and greenery. It’s hard to imagine the bustling shopping street of this once-sleepy seaside town is only a few 100 meters away. With a total of eight exclusive Suites (four pool suites, four balcony suites), THE BARAI truly is the most intimate and luxurious Destination Spa in Thailand.

After a more than warm welcome, Sylvia – the Spa Director – shows me the lush hotel grounds and introduces me to my very own private butler who whisks me away to my luxury Pool Suite. Entering through a private gate, I walk past the spacious plunge pool with loungers and look up at the sheer size of my temporary abode. The Suite is huge, has an almost palatial feel to it and definitely deserves a more in-depth description.

The living room, complete with dining table, complimentary iPad, coffee machine and spa treatment area, leads to the bedroom that boasts the biggest bed I’ve ever seen. With a width of four meters (!) I couldn’t quite believe this was mine for the next four nights. The head of the bed is a wooden divider that hides a large working desk – briefly reminding me of my to-do list – including mini-bar and electronic safe. Behind the work area is the Bathroom (yes, with a capital B) which has to be my favourite part of the Suite. It features two individual walk-in closets with vanity area, a shower/steam room, toilet and oversized tub with treatment beds on either side. Simply stunning. Each separate area in the Suite has sliding doors to ensure total privacy or to create an open view of all rooms.

Bathroom The Barai Destination Spa
Sunken tub with treatment beds

Shortly after settling in, I head to The Spa for my wellness consultation. Once I’ve shared my health goals with the therapist, I’m asked to hop on the ‘InBody 570’ Body Composition Machine. Using advanced, cutting edge technology, the machine measures muscle, fat, mineral/bone composition and hydration levels accurately to give the consultant a deeper understanding of what’s happening inside your body. The results are used to carefully tailor every wellness program to each individual to suit their personal needs entirely, and are especially useful for people on a fitness, weight or cleanse program. I’m absolutely amazed by the outcome as it provides such detailed information and I’m secretly very happy the results are pretty good.

I conclude my arrival day with a wholesome and tasty dinner at McFarland House –  THE BARAI’s beach front restaurant – as well as a heavenly in-room foot massage followed by a relaxing milk bath. It is safe to say I sleep like a baby in the humongous bed that night, and the to-do list that cropped up in my mind earlier is long forgotten.


The next morning, I wake up early and make my way to THE BARAI’s Tranquility Court for the daily complimentary yoga class. The teacher is in a downward dog pose when I arrive, so I settle on the floor in Savasana until the class begins. I can hear birds flying overhead and when I peek through my eyelids, I spot a squirrel on a nearby branch. The session is a gentle vinyasa flow which is the perfect way to wake up body and mind. The teacher is very knowledgeable and adapts the postures for beginners and advanced yogas

Private Yoga at The Barai Spa Retreat in Thailand
Yoga at The Tranquility Court
Entrance to THE BARAI
Entrance to THE BARAI

I gratefully head over to the restaurant where I choose a light breakfast to ensure I’m not too full for my scheduled PT session. Some tropical fruits and yoghurt later, I get my heart rate up with a cardio workout and target leg and arm muscles with several exercise routines. I’ve never had a personal trainer before but I’m starting to believe I need to re-think this lifestyle decision when I get back to Melbourne. I feel good, strong and energetic and I’m ready for some serious pampering.


Inspired by The Baton Temple in Cambodia’s Angkor, THE BARAI owes its name to ‘Barays’ which are the vast man-made water reservoirs created by The Khmers. Barays were used to channel irrigated water for daily use, and therefore believed to be the source of well-being, healing and life. The entrance to the spa features a mesmerising wall containing star-shaped openings in its structure, allowing sunlight to create star silhouettes on the opposing wall. This ‘wall of stars’ leads you to the heart of THE BARAI Spa, which is formed by a large water reservoir around which the consulting rooms are located.

The Barai Spa and Residences Hua Hin, Thailand
Heart of THE BARAI Spa

Although each of the eight BARAI Residential Suites has an in-room massage area, I highly recommend you use the treatment rooms in the spa itself. Getting to them is an adventure on its own, as you follow impressive walkways between the stately walls. The private spa areas are out of this world and feature an indoor space with either a single or double massage table, as well as a breathtaking outdoor area with shower, bathtub and relaxing beds also used for Thai Massages. The design, energy, lay-out and vibe of this architectural marvel creates the ideal backdrop for a memorable wellness journey and I can see why THE BARAI is aptly called ‘Thailand’s premier Destination Spa’.

Treatment Room at THE BARAI Destination Spa Thailand
Treatment Room


I spend the next few days in a state of pure relaxation as I alternate (private) yoga lessons with several authentic spa treatments, delicious and nutritious cuisine and lots of downtime at the Tranquility Court. Besides the foot massage, I was fortunate enough to experience two of their signature spa treatments: the Thai Herbal Compress Massage and Crystal Energy Balancing Massage, both of which were excellent. Each treatment starts with a nurturing foot wash to ground your energy and concludes with a tasty cup of tea to nourish your body. The massages worked wonders for my tight shoulders and upper back and released any tension I was holding on to.

If you are working towards a specific health goal, THE BARAI also offers five lifestyle programs ranging from 3 to 7 days: Unwind, Yoga, Cleanse, Fitness and Weight.

Designed with the three Pillars of Good Health in mind: Rest and Relaxation, Exercise and Healthy Nutrition, the programs were created to cultivate long-term health habits and improve your overall well-being. With such a holistic approach to well-being, your schedule will be entirely tailored to ensure your individual needs are met. Healthy meals at McFarland House are included in your wellness program.

Whether you want to tackle a specific health goal or enjoy a relaxing beach holiday with luxurious pampering thrown in, THE BARAI provides you with a personalised, nurturing experience that will help you unwind, replenish your energy and rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Want to know more about THE BARAI lifestyle programs and pricing? Get in touch with your wellness travel agent today!

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