We’ve recently made some exciting changes to Retreat Here, which were sent out in our monthly newsletter. Because they were so recent, new visitors to our site or social pages might be confused by old (blog) posts or testimonials. So if you’re new to Retreat Here, this is for you:

Ever since Retreat Here was founded, we’ve had two core offerings:

1 – Wellness travel consulting: selling wellness retreats on behalf of third-party suppliers
2 – Event planning: helping corporates and wellness professionals plan their own retreat

We no longer sell individual wellness retreats on behalf of other resorts and retreats.

Our true passion lies with planning and managing events, which is why we’ve made the decision to create our own retreats. Our event planning business hasn’t changed and we still help other companies and health coaches plan their own retreat.


Our retreat experiences are not about green juices, detoxing and boot camps. It’s about connecting (in real life!) with other travellers, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures.

You’ll enjoy nourishing foods but also get to experience some indulgence. Because life is short! Come join us and give yourself the chance to completely unwind, slow down and recharge.

We organise Winery Wellness, Digital Detox and Eco-luxe Group Retreats:


Our yoga and wine retreats are immersive and unique travel experiences in exotic locations around the world. Designed to bring you peace of mind whilst exploring beautiful destinations, these delicious escapes are more than just an ordinary holiday. You will embark on an indulgent journey and unplug from the stressors of modern-day life.

Gourmet Getaways Gourmet Retreats

Connecting with local farms and producers, and soaking up new cultures are integral parts of our gourmet escapes. Learn from authentic cooking classes, savour tasty wines, and visit beautiful villages. Pair this with plenty of relaxation, yoga and blissful spa treatments for a heavenly retreat experience.


Our luxury tech-free group retreats are designed to provide guests with a digital detox experience. It’s an opportunity to reduce stress, and focus on social interaction with like-minded people, away from digital distractions.

In this Always-On society, we truly believe stepping away from technology is vital for a happy mind. And that doesn’t mean going ‘back to basics’ or being entirely cut off from the world (although sometimes we will stay in beautiful remote areas). It’s about connecting with other travellers, the world around you and most importantly, yourself.


Our Eco-Luxury retreats are transformative and socially conscious travel journeys in beautiful destinations. Created with a sense of adventure and stillness in mind, our most mindful retreats will take place at eco-chic resorts around the globe. Immerse yourself in local cultures, give back to communities and go on a journey of self-discovery in the most serene and inspiring settings.

Sab, founder of Retreat Here

- Sab