Looking for a yoga flow that targets tight hips? Look no further!

There is a reason why hip openers are the most requested poses in my yoga classes. You might not even realise you have tight hips unless you actually try and stretch them.

Office workers in particular suffer from tight hips as prolonged sitting causes the hip flexors to shrink and shorten. This affects our range of motion and hip flexibility, and also causes bad posture and lower back strain.

The key to our mobility and flexibility are open and stable hips.

Luckily there are many yoga movements that will open up your hips and alleviate back pain. Last week, I wrote an article listing three of my favourite hip openers on my personal yoga website.

This week, I’ve created a short hip opening yoga flow that links breath to movement and stretches and strengthens your hips.

It’s a 20 minutes slow flow, ideal to practice after work or – if you work from home – squeeze into your lunch break.


Hip Opening Yoga Flow for Tight Hips – Sabijn Linssen Yoga

There are of course many more yoga poses to target your hip flexors, but this video is a great and safe way to start working on more flexibility.

Keen to discuss yoga in your workplace? I offer corporate yoga classes in Melbourne that are tailored to your specific wishes. Feel free to get in touch.


Sab, founder of Retreat Here

- Sab