Travel with Soul..

Transformative travel, off-the-grid adventures, cultural immersions, digital detox, yoga, meditation and plenty of rest and relaxation.

..or get a taste of our first Island Experience retreat at Floating Leaf Eco Resort in Bali:


Our one-of-a-kind group retreats are immersive travel journeys designed to bring you peace of mind whilst exploring beautiful locations. They are a series of socially conscious experiences, brought to you as a collaboration between Retreat Here and ALIIGN Retreats and Adventures.

Ready to ALIIGN and

Retreat to peaceful and exotic locations around the world?

unique retreat experience

Unwind, switch off and immerse yourself in local cultures?

inspire to lead a healthy life

Slow down and recharge your batteries, not your digital devices?

improve your individual wellbeing

What's more?

Our Eco-Luxe Retreats are all about balance. Think movement meets stillness, adventure versus relaxation and wholesome foods combined with local indulgence.

  • Recharge in inspiring environments
  • Enjoy a digital​ detox experience
  • Give back to local communities
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    Yoga and meditation sessions
  • map-marker
    Spa Journeys
  • map-marker
    Mindfulness Workshops
  • map-marker
    Rest & Relaxation
  • map-marker
    Outdoor Adventures
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • map-marker
    Connect with local cultures
  • map-marker
    Nutritious foods
  • map-marker
    Cooking Classes
  • map-marker
    Explore natural wonders
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    And much more..

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