No dress-code and a stress-free philosophy are the epitome of barefoot luxury. For guests who want to kick off their shoes and experience pure relaxation at sensational resorts, a laid-back getaway may be your type of retreat. From Maldives to Thailand and Fiji to Samoa, let us help you find your slice of heaven where you can simply be.


You wake up to the sound of the ocean in your luxury suite and open the doors that lead to the most pristine beach. After a refreshing yoga class you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast on your private deck.

Free from technology, you decide to have a moment to yourself in a comfy hammock and appreciate your surroundings. The panorama of crystal clear water and the softest white sand make you feel grateful for this experience.

At lunch, you opt for a fresh salad and sparkling wine after which you treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the open air spa. All blissed out from your body treatment you take a dive in the turquoise water where you admire the most amazing fish.

Without a watch, you have no idea what time it is but decide to get ready for sundowners on the beach. As there’s no dress code, it doesn’t take long before you make your way down to the eco-chic beach bar. You feel the warm ocean breeze on your skin and the cocktail you chose is simply amazing.

There’s fresh seafood on the barbecue tonight which sounds pretty good, although you may stick to the gourmet platter you had yesterday. It takes a while before the sun sets and paints the sky with beautiful colours. The mouthwatering dinner that follows is delicious and a great ending to a brilliant day.

Before retreating to your suite for the night, you can only think how this is the perfect way to rejuvenate and escape from modern life.


Laid-back luxury is what holiday dreams are made of, and to understand the concept, you have to experience it. The sense of freedom you get from running your toes through soft white sand is a different sort of luxury, one that’s not derived from glitz and glam or golden taps.

Barefoot luxury belongs to the charming off-the-grid beach hotels you see in travel magazines, the hideaway resorts with boutique style water villas and serene desert hotels that blend in with their natural surroundings. The places with sustainable design, colourful hammocks and lounge areas decorated with plush pillows.

It’s the sort of destinations where you can make meaningful connections with the locals and have a grounding experience because you’re always close to nature. Where the silence is as good as the sunsets, and the fresh sea food complements the breathtaking views.

There’s no stress or chaos, no place for suits or shoes but countless opportunities for rest and relaxation. If you’re ready to make your escape from modern life and rejuvenate your soul, let’s talk laid-back luxury today.

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