We believe life is all about balance. Let us help you find yours!
Our goal is to connect like-minded women through unique Yoga and Wine Retreats in Victoria and overseas, and provide inspiration for a healthy and sustainable work-life balance.


Before we talk about us, let’s talk about you first. As you’re still on our website reading our story, we figure that you are feeling the pressures of modern-day life. Same here!

We think you love yoga, and also enjoy the occasional vino. In addition to slowing down and spending quality time with friends and family, you have a passion for exploring this beautiful world of ours. 

Furthermore, your ideal yoga retreat shouldn’t be about a full body cleanse. Instead, it’s all about pampering the mind and giving yourself a much-needed break from the daily grind. However, finding the time to do all of the above is a challenge for you. We get it!


Our Yoga and Wine Retreats in Victoria (and overseas) combine the best of two worlds: Wellness with a pinch of indulgence, preferably far away from digital distractions. It is our passion to bring people together the way it’s meant to be – in real life.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced group retreat where you can recharge your batteries in beautiful surroundings, you may want to explore our multi-day yoga & wine retreats or local yoga events in Melbourne.

Also, in case you’re planning a unique hens or birthday event in Melbourne, we offer private yoga and wine experience to help celebrate your special day.


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You are the reason we are able to do what we love. Let us return the favour. Our retreats, events and winery day trips are as unique as you are, and have the right amount of balance between wellness and indulgence. We welcome any feedback you might have, and are here if you have any questions.



It is our passion to inspire you to retreat yourself, explore new destinations, and give your mind and body a well-deserved break. Moreover, we’re here to help you find your balance in life, so you can create a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy a vino!

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We want you to experience exceptional personal service and get the one-to-one attention you deserve. Before, during and after your Yoga and Wine experience. If you’re booking a private hens or birthday party in Melbourne, we work closely with you to create your ideal event or retreat at a date that suits your group.

Connecting likeminded people through Yoga and wine Retreats


Creating meaningful connections with and for our customers is what we’re all about. We feel there’s too much social isolation and people are way too rushed and frantic. Demanding bosses, social media, being always available to reply to calls and emails. They all take its toll. As a result, our yoga and wine retreats and events are about human connection and sharing quality time together.


Retreat Here was founded in 2015 and is the brainchild of Sabijn Linssen (‘Sab’ if you wish!). Born and raised in The Netherlands, Sab worked and lived in the South of France and London, before finally settling in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband. To say travelling, yoga and wine are her passions would be an understatement. Furthermore, she draws on more than 15 years of experience in the travel and event industry and is pursuing her dream of running her own business.


Retreat Here was created as a passion project inspired by extensive travels, tons of stays at unique places around the world, and most importantly, the belief that people need to take care of themselves. We have never worked so hard in our lives, everyone is pressed for time and challenged by the strains of modern society.

I truly think that happiness derives from a healthy work-life balance, where a temporary time out is crucial to reset body and mind. And because life is all about balance, so are our retreats, events and day trips.


As much as I love clean eating and yoga & meditation, I am also a strong advocate of slowing down, quality time with friends and family, going offline, admiring the sun rise, and enjoying delicious meals paired with silky wines and flowing conversations. These things are just as important as green juices and exercise.

When planning a Yoga and Wine experience, my goal is always to provide the right amount of balance between movement and stillness, exploration vs. restoration and wellness with indulgence.