How do we connect like-minded people?

By creating digital detox, glamping and yoga & wine retreats for individual travellers and offering retreat planning assistance to corporates and wellness professionals.


Before we talk about us, let’s talk about you first.. As you’re still on our website reading our story, we figure that you – like us – are feeling the pressures of modern-day life. And these can be challenging.

You might be a hardworking entrepreneur in need of a (digital!) break, a mother of three in search of some rest and relaxation, or perhaps you simply want to raise a glass with inspiring people.

Maybe you’re a health professional searching for the right retreat venue, or a small company that needs help planning a corporate retreat.

Whatever your needs, we’d love to help! 

Digital Detox / our noun

a period of time during which you interact with real humans in the physical world in order to establish meaningful connections, reduce social isolation and stress, all whilst refraining from scrolling your life away or sharing selfies on social media.


At Retreat Here, we are dedicated to designing retreat experiences and social gatherings with a difference.

We know a world without Wi-Fi is unthinkable and social media is ‘everything’. Nonetheless, we’re trying to make a shift in this digitally-mad world of ours without putting too much any ‘spiritual pressure’ on our guests and customers.

Our digital detox & glamping retreats allow you to recharge your own batteries whilst our yoga & wine retreats are delicious and well-balanced getaways. 

Besides our group retreats, we also offer retreat planning services to corporates and professionals in the wellness industry. Explore how we can help.


unique holiday


You are the reason we are able to do what we love. Let us return the favour. Our retreats are as unique as you are, and have the right amount of balance between wellness and indulgence. We welcome any feedback you might have, whether you’re a solo-traveller, retreat leader or corporate.



It is our passion to inspire you to retreat yourself, explore new destinations, and give your mind and body a well-deserved break. If you’re planning your own retreat and don’t know where to start, let us do the research and help you on your way.

peace of mind


We want you to experience exceptional personal service and get the one-to-one attention you deserve. Before, during and after the retreat (planning process). We also endeavour to create retreats that are eco-conscious and give back to local communities or charities.

save time


This one is more for the retreat planners amongst you! Planning the ultimate (corporate) retreat takes time, something that’s extremely valuable in today’s frantic world. Our comprehensive retreat planning service guarantees you have more quality time to enjoy the good things in life, and to concentrate on the content of your workshops or meetings.



Creating meaningful connections with and for our customers is what we’re all about. We feel there’s too much social isolation and people are way too rushed and frantic. Demanding bosses, social media, being always available to reply to calls and emails. They all take its toll. Our retreats are about human connection and sharing quality time together.



As an independent affiliate of FBI Travel, we have the backing of their global buying power and support from a trusted network of suppliers. This ensures we have access to preferred rates, specials, exclusive perks and competitive prices. Furthermore, as a boutique retreat planner, we also have the ability to step outside the box to custom-design off the beaten path retreat experiences.


Founder Retreat Here

Retreat Here was founded in 2015 and is the brainchild of Sabijn Linssen (‘Sab’ if you wish!). Born and raised in The Netherlands, Sab worked and lived in the South of France and London, before finally settling in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband. To say travelling is her passion would be an understatement and with a successful career in travel management she draws on more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Here’s her story:

Retreat Here was created as a passion project inspired by extensive travels, tons of stays at unique places around the world, and most importantly, the belief that people need to take care of themselves and go offline once in a while. We have never worked so hard in our lives, everyone is pressed for time and challenged by the strains of modern society.

I truly think that happiness derives from a healthy work-life balance, where a temporary time out is crucial to reset body and mind. And because life is all about balance, so are our retreats.

As much as I love clean eating and yoga & meditation, I am also a strong advocate of enjoying the good things in life: slowing down, quality time with friends and family, going offline, admiring the sun rise, enjoying delicious meals paired with silky wines and flowing conversations – these things are just as important as green juices and exercise.

So whether I’m working on my own retreats or planning one for another company, my goal is to provide the right amount of balance between movement and stillness, exploration vs. restoration and wellness with indulgence.