Looking for a no-nonsense and well-balanced women’s group retreat in Greece, Italy or France? Are you keen to practice yoga in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations? Do you love feasting on local produce whilst tasting the best wines? It’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of the internet when you are searching for the best yoga retreats in Europe, so we’ll tell you exactly what you can and cannot expect from ours.




Be prepared for carefully curated yoga retreat itineraries that provide the right balance between scheduled and free time. Bank on ridiculously tasty and healthy food without shying away from life’s greatest pleasures: winning wines, creamy cheeses, and perhaps a BBQ feast or two. And yes, we serve coffee!

You’ll practice yoga daily and improve strength and mobility with uplifting Vinyasa classes. You’ll increase core and spinal stability thanks to our energising and fun mat Pilates classes. Calm your mind with meditation, Yin and yoga Nidra. And, benefit from seriously motivated and quality instructors who will cue you through creative yoga and Pilates sequences step-by-step.

What else.. Surround yourself by nature and relax, relax, relax. There will be laughter, genuine connections and most likely plenty of new life-lasting friendships. We make sure you are pampered, your body is nourished and your mind calm & collected. It’s the best holiday you will ever have, without having to lift a finger. All you have to do is show up, and do what feels right for you. We take care of the rest.


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Don’t just take our word for it. We have real reviews by real women talking about their retreat experience. It will help you make your decision as to whether our group retreats are the right fit for you.

Still unsure – discover 7 great reasons to book a women’s group yoga retreat.


We are pretty easygoing, and won’t judge if you decide to sleep in and sit out a yoga or Pilates session. We’re no fans of chanting, opening circles and putting you in the ‘public speaking’ hot spot. We’re big on facilitating supportive and casual environments where you can create connections naturally and share your stories when it feels right for you.

No handstands or crazy pretzel-like postures, and no pressure to ‘have to do’ anything you don’t want to do. This is your getaway. This is your opportunity to do what’s best for you.

Don’t expect an action-packed itinerary that allows you to see ‘all the sights’ in 8 days. Most of our guests take time before or after the retreat to travel more through Greece, France or Italy. Some will take advantage of our pre-retreat City Escape package. Above all, our yoga retreats in Europe are designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate whilst tantalising your tastebuds with local produce, and enjoying the occasional excursion.


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Finally, there is no need to abstain from coffee, sugar or start a detox before your retreat. We won’t count calories and serve you tiny portions of food. We won’t supersize your meals either. And just because we pair our food with wine, or organise wine-tastings at Europe’s finest locations, doesn’t mean we are a ‘party’ retreat. As with everything in life, it’s all about balance.



We believe a Greek Islands yoga retreat is truly a bucket list experience.

Picture a daily yoga practice surrounded by olive & fig trees, a cool sea breeze on your sun-kissed skin, flavoursome healthy food sourced locally – all prepared for you by a private chef. What’s more… two magnificent private pools, a hammock with your name on it, and above all, feel-good yoga & Pilates designed with you in mind.

Besides energising movement sessions, you will enjoy calming and restorative yin classes as well as yoga Nidra meditations. And to get you ever more relaxed, we’ll throw in a relaxation massage, wine-tastings, and a boat excursion.

Our women’s only yoga retreats in Kefalonia, Greece – are inspired by our love for the Greek culture. Retreat Here’s founder, Sab, who also happens to be your hostess for the week, got engaged and married in Greece. And to top it off, she went to Kefalonia for her honeymoon, and has spent many family holidays exploring the Greek Islands.


Kefalonia is west of mainland Greece, with an international airport only 15 mins from our private villas.

We have chosen one of the best yoga retreat venues in Greece, with amazing views of Mount Aenos and the Ionian Sea. Nestled amongst the peacefulness of nature, Vericoco Retreat offers plenty of private nooks and quiet spaces. You’ll feel all stress melt away as soon as you arrive. The retreat space offers a variety of accommodation options, from private deluxe rooms with ensuite bathrooms to traditional apartments. The yoga shala is huge and shaded from the sun.

A short stroll from the retreat you’ll find two beaches with crystal clear waters, and a few local restaurants. Whether you want to work on your balance skills – yes, stand-up-paddle boards are for hire – or relax on the beach, the choice is yours. We’ll leave ample time in the retreat schedule for you to explore Vericoco’s surroundings.

Keep in mind Kefalonia is one of Greece’s bigger islands, and we highly recommend you take a few days before or after your retreat to travel around. You’ll discover stunning bays, postcard-worthy landscapes, cute harbour towns and scenic vineyards.

Whether you’ll join our yoga retreat in Greece on your own or with a friend, you’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated, energised, and with a whole heap of new friendships. Learn more about this unforgettable yoga retreat experience in Greece, or contact us if you have any questions.




Oh Italy.. the land of lush vineyards, rich history, scenic landscapes and famous foods. It’s no wonder that Italy is one of Europe’s best yoga retreat destinations.

Whether it’s the world-famous cities (hello Rome, Florence and Venice – to name just a few), vibrant culture, charming villages with cobblestoned piazzas, top notch beaches, or warmer weather, Italy has something to offer for everyone.

Our yoga retreat in Italy will bring you daily movement and meditation, from Vinyasa yoga to yin and yoga Nidra to Pilates. We’ve got something for everyone.


If you’re a Retreat Here regular you know that we love to spoil our guests with divine fine foods and smooth wines. And, what better place to enjoy a degustation than at a yoga retreat in the rolling hills of Tuscany!

Tuscany is famous for traditional food, delicious Chianti wine, breath-taking landscapes and amazing sights. We also think Tuscany offers some of the world’s best olive oil, and don’t you worry, we’ll be dipping some bread on retreat! Our home for the week is a stunning retreat center in the heart of Tuscany.

You’ll have the chance to stay in a traditional Italian country house, immerse yourself in nature, press pause, enjoy home-cooked meals, practice yoga and Pilates, dip in the pool, and disconnect from your devices.

We are giving our retreat guests the option to book a pre-retreat city escape to Florence or Rome. This gives you the chance to explore this magnificent city and enjoy a vino in one of many piazzas with your fellow yogis. It’s a wonderful way to get to know each other before your yoga retreat begins, settle in to the potentially new time zone, and travel to the retreat venue as a group.

Finally, did you know that Italy has Europe’s longest coastline? With stunning clifftop towns and natural wonders, we highly recommend tagging on a few days to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean azure blue sea.




Find yourself in the French countryside, taste some of the world’s finest foods, and enjoy a week of self-care and rest. This is a slower-paced holiday for the senses, with plenty of time for you.

You will stay in a charming country house or French chateau, indulge in famous French cheese, enjoy an abundance of natural beauty, and learn from the best sommeliers.

Of course, this yoga retreat in France wouldn’t be one of our signature getaways without healthy foods to nourish you from the inside out. With fresh produce all sourced locally, daily yoga, meditation and some Pilates, you will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Whether you bask in the peacefulness of a French forest, or find yourself lazing by the pool, we promise each day will be a memorable experience. Cycle through the French countryside by day, and connect with new-found friends during our ‘wine hour’ at night.


… will be revealed soon. What we do know is that you will stay in stylish accommodation in peaceful surroundings.

As with most of our week-long women’s yoga retreats in Europe, we provide the option to book a city escape prior to the retreat. Depending on the location of our yoga retreat in France, this can be Paris, Bordeaux, Nice or Marseille.

You will marvel at world-class art work, road-trip along famous wine routes and – above all – give yourself the opportunity to rejuvenate, relax and restore.

As always, our yoga classes are for both beginner and more advanced yoga enthusiasts. If you are searching for serenity and culinary delights, this unique wellness retreat in France is for you.





We have compiled a list of the most asked questions about our women’s only group retreats. If there’s anything else you can think of that hasn’t been answered, please feel free to get in touch.





Q: Can I join your retreats if I have never done yoga before?

Our yoga and Pilates classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, and anyone in between.

You can join if you have never done yoga or Pilates, but we highly recommend you do a few (private) classes prior to your retreat, just to make your experience more enjoyable. Although teachers will ‘layer’ all yoga & Pilates classes and give you step-by-step guidance, we think it’s better if you have some knowledge of the type of movements you can expect in a vinyasa, yin or Pilates class. If only to ascertain whether you enjoy it!

Q: Can I still join the retreat if I don’t practice yoga, or don’t want to practice yoga/Pilates at the retreat?

Ideally, we would love it if everyone attends the retreat classes. Of course, if you prefer to sleep in one day or need to give your body a rest, that’s totally fine. You don’t have to attend each and every activity at the retreat. Our signature getaways are all designed to help you create balance in life, and with balance comes movement. If you have an injury or really don’t like yoga or Pilates, but want to support a friend and join her, please get in touch with us and no doubt we can make an exception for you.

Q: Can you book a private yoga class during the retreat?

You sure can. Please note any private yoga classes will have to be scheduled into our retreat itinerary, so it’s best you let us know well in advance to ensure we have an available time slot for you.




Q: What style of yoga do you teach?

At all our yoga retreats in Europe you can expect vinyasa yoga as well as yin yoga. Vinyasa classes are more dynamic and will usually take place in the morning to help set you up for the day. The teacher will guide you step-by-step through a flowing sequence in which we link yoga postures. You will also link breath to movement, making this a really lovely ‘moving meditation’ class.

Yin classes are more restorative and are normally scheduled for late afternoons or early evenings. During yin yoga, you will hold postures a little longer to fully unwind both body and mind. Yin is particularly helpful for tension relief in muscles and connective tissue, and it will help you sleep like a baby!

Q: What style of Pilates can I expect at your group retreats in Europe?

Unless specifically mentioned in the retreat listing, all Pilates classes are mat-based. You can expect a flowing class of strength-based movements, helping to create stability and mobility for your whole body, followed by lovely stretches.




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Q: Is all food and wine/drinks included in your yoga retreats in Europe?

This varies per retreat location. If the venue is within walking distance from a village, we most likely will give you the opportunity to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant.

For certain retreat locations, we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. At others we serve brunch, a light snack in the afternoon and dinner. We promise you will not go hungry.

Also note that alcoholic drinks are not unlimited. It’s still a yoga retreat, and as with everything, balance is key. We will always put the exact inclusions – meals, drinks etc – on every individual retreat listing.

Q: Can you cater for food allergies or dietary needs?

Yes. We like to check with our chefs and retreat venues first, so when you are ready to book, please let us know your requirements. So far, we’ve always been able to accommodate everyone’s request.

Q: Do you serve vegan or vegetarian food?

We mainly serve vegetarian meals at our European yoga retreats, however, we might pop a delicious BBQ night in the schedule and serve fish or chicken. Our decision will be based on the guests who are booked in, and the dietary requirements they have written down in the booking form.

Some meals can be entirely vegan – but this doesn’t mean food is bland and boring! Far from it. We pride ourselves in serving the tastiest meals and grazing platters, just wait and see..

Finally, we love a good cheese platter, and whereas we can request dairy-free cheeses with our chefs if you are vegan/lactose intolerant, we serve non-vegan cheese by default.

Q: What if I don’t drink alcohol?

No problem! We won’t force you to do, eat or drink anything you don’t want to.


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Q: What type of accommodation can I expect?

We love to work with yoga retreat venues or private villas & chateaus that give back to the local communities, or accommodation providers with an eco-friendly ethos.

Our goal is to book the best of the best, and more often than not you will find our retreat venues in peaceful locations, surrounded by an abundance of nature.

Most retreat venues offer private and twin rooms, some even triple rooms. Depending on the location, bedrooms will either have ensuite bathrooms, or a mix of ensuites and shared bathrooms. You can book/request your preferred accommodation type online as long as it’s still available.

Q: What is the size of your group retreat? How many women can I expect to be there?

This depends on the size of the venue we book, but rest assured we prefer our yoga group retreats to be on the smaller side. You won’t find 20 guests at our retreats. We believe the magic number sits between 8 and 14 guests, the latter being an absolute max, and only if the venue is large and has plenty of space so it doesn’t feel crowded.

Q: Do all retreat venues have bedrooms with private bathrooms?

That depends on the venue, and it will be described on every individual yoga retreat page. When in doubt, just ask.




Q: Can I join as a female solo traveller?

Of course! In fact, about 40% of our first-time retreat guests are women who travel solo. If you are used to travelling alone and are worried a group retreat might be too full-on, please note that our retreats are designed with solo women travellers in mind. We aim to create a retreat schedule that offers the perfect mix between social and alone time. And if you need some time for yourself, no problem. There are plenty of spaces and nooks to retreat yourself to, with a journal, book or podcast.

And, when you are ready to mingle, know that our retreats go beyond simple introductions. We love genuine connections and building relationships that have a life-lasting impact, for the better!

Q: What if I join alone but your private rooms are sold out?

We’ll pair you up with another female guest in a twin share room. Upon request, we can introduce you to one another prior to the retreat so you can get to know each other a little before becoming roomies.


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Q: Can you explain what your pre-retreat City Escape package is?

In short: an opportunity for you to meet your hostess and fellow retreat guests a few days prior to the retreat at one of the nearest big cities to the retreat venue. We are currently offering this for our yoga retreats in Italy and France.

If you tick the ‘pre-retreat city escape’ field upon booking your retreat, we will send you information regarding the hotel and cost involved. If you are happy with cost and hotel, Please note this package is only available if you book the retreat at least 6 months in advance.

Q: Are flights included when booking a retreat?

No. You will have to book your own flights to and from the retreat.

Q: Do you offer airport transfers to and from the venue?

We can help to arrange this for you, as long as you arrive and leave on the first and last day of the retreat. For example, if you arrive in Italy 3 days before your retreat, and you book your own accommodation, you will have to make your own way to the retreat venue. If you book our pre-retreat city escape, we will assist with arranging transport and advise you of the cost in advance. Transport to and from the venue is generally not included in the retreat price.


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Q: How do I book your retreats?

Every yoga retreat page has a BOOK NOW button, and you can also find this button at the top right corner of every web page. If the retreat is still available, when you click this button, you are asked to fill out a booking form. Once booked, you will receive an initial email confirmation. We’ll then take care of the rest, and get in touch with you if further payments are needed.

You can also contact us direct and we can help book your retreat.

Keep in mind that some retreats can be booked instantly online, in which case you will need to pay the deposit immediately and you are asked to submit credit card details (all via a secure payment system of course).

For other yoga escapes you can only request to book your place at the retreat, and we’ll have to confirm this to you when we receive your booking request. This is usually when we have limited rooms available of a certain category (i.e. only two private rooms with ensuite bathrooms) to avoid disappointment.

Q: What if I have to cancel?

Please refer to our full Terms to check our cancellation policy for overseas yoga retreats. We often provide the bookings and cancellation terms in every retreat listing too.

In general, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable as we have commitments to retreat venues.

Normally, we can accept cancellations up to 90 days prior to the retreat and we can either transfer you to a future retreat, or you can request a refund minus the deposit fees.


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Q: What is an example of a daily itinerary?

All schedules are shown on the landing pages of our retreats. And whereas there might be some minor changes for on-site logistical reasons, they are pretty accurate representation of what to expect when you retreat with us.

Our yoga retreat in Greece will have a different schedule than our yoga retreat in Italy. In general, a typical retreat day may look as follows:

7.30am | Vinyasa yoga flow
9.30/10.30am | Breakfast or brunch
Free time / Massage time slots
12.30pm | Healthy lunch
Free time or Excursion
5pm | Pilates or yin yoga/yoga Nidra
6.30pm | Cocktail or Wine Hour
7.30pm | Healthy dinner or BBQ feast or dinner in local restaurant

Q: What should I pack before a yoga retreat?

This will depend on the location of your yoga retreat, the time of year (summer or winter?) and of course personal preferences. As a rule of thumb, the following things are a must:

  • yoga / active wear
  • water bottle
  • passport
  • visa documents
  • medication
  • credit card / cash
  • sunscreen
  • swim suit
  • comfortable shoes
  • slippers
  • your favourite yoga mat, if you can’t go without

We will always provide you with a detailed prior to each retreat.

Q: Finally, do I need travel insurance?

Yes. Travel insurance for our retreats is mandatory, and we recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for the full price of your retreat plus flights, and any other accommodation you might book pre- or post retreat.

Any other questions, we are here for you.

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