We create Yoga & Wine retreats in Victoria (and sometimes overseas) and local Yoga Events in Melbourne, and we organise Private Hens & Birthday events in Melbourne in order to connect like-minded women the way it’s meant to be – in real life.


Our yoga and wine retreats are social and unique travel experiences in stunning locations around the world.

Before you have visions of yourself lying in Savanasa with an empty bottle in your hand, we won’t be handing out Straws ‘n Shiraz during our classes. There will be no drinking vino and tree-posing at the same time. Neither will we make you ‘stretch to reach for the bottle’. No no.

First we practice yoga, then we drink the wine.

Come connect with Yoga and Wine lovers and share memorable experiences whilst exploring beautiful destinations.

Discover why you should join our Yoga & Wine retreats or get yourself a ticket for our upcoming getaways.

Are you looking for a unique hens or birthday party in Melbourne? Let us help you celebrate your special occasion.

How? With your very own Yoga and Wine event at a date that suits you.

We’re all for Healthy Hens and Vegan Birthday parties but let’s be honest: It’s still nice to enjoy a vino when you’re about to get hitched or age another year. Am I right?

Now you can custom build your own Yoga and Wine hens or birthday party in Melbourne.

Whether you’re after a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, a winery tour to the Bellarine Peninsula or a celebration in the comfort of your home – we are here for you.

Want to meet yoga and wine-loving Melburnians? Now you can!

All you have to do is join us at one of our local Yoga events in Melbourne.

We regularly schedule yoga classes in amazing places in and around the city, followed by some drinks and nibbles. It’s the perfect chance to connect with fellow Yogis and raise a glass after class.

Furthermore, we also schedule casual (un-ticketed) events at various bars in and around Melbourne as part of our local Facebook Group: The Balanced Collective Melbourne.

We’d like to think that The Balanced Collective is Australia’s first Yoga and Wine community, and we obviously want you to be part of it!


A balanced life means a happy life. Yet in modern-day society, finding a sense of harmony between our life and work expectations isn’t that easy.

Our passion is to create unique Yoga and Wine retreats and events where like-minded people get to share great experiences together. 


You’ll enjoy outdoor yoga and pamper your tastebuds with nourishing foods, wines and delicious local delicacies. 

This is your chance to completely unwind, slow down and recharge.

Body Mind Soul philosophy


Nourishing foods and a little indulgence.
Spend time outdoors.
Spa treatments.

Body Mind Soul philosophy


Option to unplug.
Yoga and meditation.
Peaceful locations.

Body Mind Soul philosophy


Eco-friendliness and sustainability.
Socially conscious experiences.
Ability to connect with the locals.

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