We believe taking a break is important to reboot your brain. Whether that’s a yoga class after work, a ten minute meditation or an exotic retreat overseas. Whereas a tropical escape is perfect to replenish your soul, taking care of your wellbeing at home is just as important. Resting when you need to and finding the right work-life balance are imperative to a happy mind and a healthy body. We’ve listed some of our favourite pastimes and activities that help you stay balanced and improve your wellbeing.

Meditation and Yoga

Light a candle, find a quiet space (even if that means getting up before everyone else does) and try to build a regular yoga practice that continues to soothe both your mind and body. Start your day with some gentle stretches or a yoga flow to wake up your body, and connect your breath to the movements as a form of moving meditation.

If you’re not familiar with yoga, meditation is a beautiful way to carve out some QT for yourself. It reduces stress, increases self-awareness, encourages a healthier lifestyle, improves concentration, boosts your immunity and slows down the ageing process. That’s right! Meditation is also a great way to unwind just before bed, as it will promote a restful sleep.

Quality Time

Whether it’s QT for yourself or with friends and family, taking the time to nurture yourself and your relationships truly enhances the quality of your life. Connecting with your loved ones (and we don’t mean by liking their Facebook photos!) is just as important as breathing air. Today’s society is hectic enough, and having genuine one-to-one catch ups or date nights is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Learn to say NO

Yes, we did just say to make time for your friends and family and keep doing that! But we also want to point out that it’s totally fine to say no sometimes. You don’t have to agree to social activities that you don’t enjoy or that don’t enhance your personal or professional life.

Neither do you have to take late-night work calls or do overtime on your precious weekend. Unless it’s an emergency or you actually want to of course!

Saying yes to every request or social opportunity can be overwhelming and stressful. Leave some blank spaces on your calendar and use them to invest in and improve your well-being.

Digital Detox

Do you recharge your phone more often than you recharge yourself? If so, try to consciously make the effort to limit the use of your digital devices. Unless you absolutely have to be available, try to put your phone away at 6 or 7pm a few nights a week, or perhaps every night..

Limit your Netflix and TV-nights and read a book instead, get creative, or have a real-life conversation with a friend. Research has taught us that our ‘always-on’ society is the cause of a variety of health issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to a full-blown burnout.

Being less dependent on your gadgets can be incredibly liberating. And you’d be surprised to learn how much time you have for the things you never got around to doing..

Spa day at home

If money allows, book yourself into a local day spa for an invigorating massage, facial or relaxing treatment of your choice. It can do wonders for your mood and help reduce stress levels. Alternatively, a spa day in the comfort of your own home can be just as uplifting and more economical. Make sure to switch off your phone first..

Start with a foot soak, massage the soles of your feet and give them a good scrub. Draw yourself a bath, light some candles, add lavender essential oil and relax with a magazine or music for 30 mins.

Next, enjoy a full body scrub and moisturise afterwards with a nourishing oil. We are in love with either coconut or almond oil.

Finish your wellness ritual with a hair or face mask. Perhaps incorporate some yoga or meditation at the end and give your mind a pamper session too.

About the author: Sab is the founder of Retreat Here and Sabijn Linssen Yoga. She creates Yoga and Wine experiences to connect like-minded women in Victoria. She’s also a fully certified Yoga Instructor, offering private and corporate yoga classes in Melbourne.

Sabijn, founder of Retreat Here

- Sabijn Linssen

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